Job summary: Marketing Manager (4)
Marketing Manager
Responsibilities: 1、Technical secondary school degree or above, major in computer or marketing management is preferred; experience in website construction and pre-sales support is preferred; 2. Outgoing, familiar with Internet and some basic knowledge of Internet (welcome to join the excellent fresh graduates); 3. Fluent in Mandarin; 4. Your voice on the phone makes 80% of the people feel comfortable; 5. Logical and accurate retelling of an article The accuracy is 70%; 6. Communicate with 40 target customers every day;
Working place: Zhuhai
Fringe benefits: 5000
Job requirements: 1、Familiar with marketing, management, psychology and marketing knowledge; 2. Rich in sociology, public relations and public psychology, good at communicating with the public from all walks of life, and rich practical experience; 3. Familiar with market dynamics, understand market demand changes, be good at formulating marketing strategies and price policies, and be able to put forward various responses according to market competition needs Change measures; 4. Wide sources of information, good interpersonal relationship with customers; 5. Strong organizational ability, judgment ability, negotiation ability and adaptability, flexible response, agility and efficiency; 6. Strong coordination ability and data analysis ability, able to use sales data to analyze the market and existing problems, and timely put forward adjustment measures; 7. Good communication ability Excellent team management experience
When the enterprise develops to a certain stage, in order to achieve sustainable development in the competitive market, the enterprise must have the right strategy, good organization and management ability, and a talent team with professional ethics, and talent is undoubtedly the basis of the development of the whole company. Only through the division of labor and cooperation of excellent teams and the implementation of effective market strategy, can the enterprise develop well. Through defining the requirements of the company's strategy for talent ability, the enterprise is convinced to select talents that can promote the company's strategic development in talent recruitment for training.
Corporate welfare
◆ Annual travel opportunities;
◆ Quarterly "family day" activities;
◆ Comprehensive physical examination once a year;
◆ Provide different types of training every month;
◆ Annual salary increase and annual benefit bonus;
◆ Monthly birthday party and birthday gift;
◆ Provide reading room, table tennis room, basketball court and other recreational facilities;
◆ Purchase social security and housing fund for employees;
◆ Enjoy legal holidays and paid annual leave.